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Herbal medicine is a safe and effective way to treat a variety

of health conditions. Herbs

have been used around the

world for thousands of years to

treat physical and psychological


Functional Nutrition is a patient-centered approach to health and wellness instead of the

typical disease/symptom based approach. By shifting to a more patient centered focus, we

address the person as a whole being instead of a group of symptoms.

Acupuncture & Traditional Chinese Medicine are independent and coherent systems of medicine that have been developed over a period of five thousand years.

About Us


Our Approach to Optimal Wellness

Our foundation in Chinese medicine combined with advanced research, functional medicine, and modern diagnostics sets us apart in the field of health & wellness.

Research supports that optimal health and well-being are best achieved when a holistic approach is taken. We are committed to helping each client achieve and

sustain lasting health by co-creating a customized wellness plan and encouraging lifestyle changes that support a healthier body and mind.

Our Services



Functional Nutrition 

Herbal Medicine

Enspirit Wellness
Functional Nutrition
Herbal Medicine
Happy Clients


“I cannot recommend Kaci Coffee enough. I've been seeing Kaci for acupuncture, cupping and herbal supplements for over

a year on a regular maintenance plan

and it has totally turned my life around

for the better."

Jennifer D.

"The practice is wonderful from walking in the door until you walk out. This was my first time trying acupuncture- mainly for Achilles' tendon pain soreness and swelling. After one treatment I was significantly better, like 75% better."

Sarah J.

"I am a very satisfied customer!"

Meghan C.

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Enspirit Wellness

4625 South Harvard Avenue

Tulsa, OK 74135

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(918) 701-0884

Enspirit Wellness at 

H2Oasis Float Center & Tea House

6564 E. 51st Street, Tulsa, OK 74145

(918) 938-7368

Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays

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