Our Specialties

While we treat a vast array of physical, mental and emotional imbalances, there are a few things that we address more often than others. Our practice has evolved into specializing in the following areas as we’ve seen that imbalances in these areas have such a great impact on the physical, mental and emotional health of a person. We have discovered that imbalances in these areas will lead to health related issues in other areas of the body if left untreated.

Comprehensive Mind & Body Care

The philosophy at the core of our practice is that we cannot address the health of the body without addressing the health of the mind. The opposite is true, as well. Mind and body are interconnected in all aspects of life. Our thoughts and emotions affect every cell in the body and the health of those cells help determine our physical well- being. At Enspirit Wellness, we address all aspects of your being, as that’s the only way to ensure lasting and vibrant health.

Women’s Health

Acupuncture and Chinese medicine have been used for thousands of years to treat Women’s health issues including, menstrual irregularity, difficult and painful menstrual cycles, infertility, PMS, chronic yeast infections and menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes and insomnia.  Read More

Enhancing Fertility with Acupuncture

Together, Eastern and Western Medicine can greatly increase your odds of having a child and a healthy family. Whether your diagnosis is high FSH, AMA, Male Factor, Uterine Factor or Unexplained, having regular acupuncture treatments can help improve your overall outcomes.  To help you achieve your goals of having a healthy family, our team of licensed acupuncturists, lead by Dr. Virginia Prior, provide the following combination of services:

Preconception Care

Preconception care is important, whether you are trying naturally, using ART, or preparing to freeze your eggs. Studies indicate that what we eat, what we are experiencing (stress, etc) and our daily habits can not only affect our health, but the health of our children, even before one is pregnant. Acupuncture can balance hormones and help to regulate the Hypothalamus-Pituitary-Ovarian axis,  which governs ovulation and all phases of the menstrual cycle. Together acupuncture, herbs and nutritional guidance can help to improve uterine lining, promotes ovulation and may even improve egg quality. Additionally, acupuncture also release endorphins and reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, which helps to improve reproductive health. Most patients report that regular treatments reduce stress, anxiety and depression.

Embryo Transfer

Studies show that women have an increased chance of conceiving when using acupuncture pre and post embryo transfer. Our team is available to provide acupuncture before the embryo transfer at the fertility clinic.  Post transfer treatments can be done at our facility in Irvine.

 Male Fertility 

Acupuncture can improve the results of a Semen Analysis by improving sperm quality, count, morphology & motility. It also helps to clear subclinical infections by decreasing agglutination – improving the ability to fertilize an egg.

Acupuncture can assist in a healthier recovery from vericocele, allowing the patient to move ahead more quickly (and in more comfort); and, in conjunction with herbs and some nutritional guidance, often reduces elevated DNA fragmentation, improving both the quality of the sperm, and the health of the embryo and child.


PMS & Menstrual Cycle Difficulties

This monthly event shouldn’t have you in bed for days, heavily medicated and hoping that menopause will set in early. Actually, this should be a pain free experience that passes mostly without any noteworthy events.

Acupuncture and herbs in combination with some lifestyle modifications can relieve pre-menstrual tension and balance monthly hormonal fluctuations so that you can experience an easy, pain-free cycle. You may even learn to enjoy your cycle…. ok maybe just learn not to hate it and everyone around you for two weeks out of every month.

Menstrual Irregularities

For those of you who only dream of the description above because you never know when your cycle is going to show up…Chinese Medicine can help you bring it back and support regular menstrual cycles. We will look at many factors that contribute to the root cause of this irregularity and work with you over time to support a healthy menstrual cycle.


Acupuncture and Chinese herbs provide natural relief from the symptoms associated with the decline in hormones including hot flashes, insomnia, night sweats, decreased libido, dry skin and weight gain. At Enspirit Wellness our goal is to provide a smooth and healthy transition through menopause both physically and emotionally by offering a safe and natural alternative to hormone replacement therapy.


Candidiasis, an infection caused by the Candida fungi can affect many areas of your health including thrush, vaginal yeast infections, digestive difficulties and skin rashes. We support you in implementing the right lifestyle changes needed to restore your intestinal flora and eradicate the overgrowth of Candida. We take a comprehensive approach to Candida including choosing the right diet, herbs and pro-biotics. For those of you who are ready, we will even teach you how to make your own cultured vegetables and other fermented, pro-biotic foods.

Stress & Pain Relief

We view stress and pain as interconnected, in that one can actually transform into the other. Pain causes stress in the body, both, psycho-emotionally and physiologically.

Daily stress subtly changes our internal ecosystem and causes imbalances in the neuro-endo-immune system resulting in chronic pain. Our approach to treating this pain is to find the links between stress and pain and the to treat the underlying imbalance in order to provide long lasting relief.

Thyroid Support

Every cell in the body has a receptor site for Thyroid hormone. Why is this important? Because if the thyroid isn’t functioning properly, which can be caused by many factors, then the body and mind will suffer tremendously. Also, a large number of hypothyroid cases are actually caused by an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s Hypothyroidism. Some common symptoms of a hypo-functioning thyroid are: weight gain with the inability to lose weight, fatigue and sluggish energy, cold hands and feet, difficult and infrequent bowel movements, depression and lack of motivation, thinning outer third of the eyebrow and thinning hair. Read More

A complete thyroid panel will often reveal any dysfunction in your thyroid and those systems that directly affect thyroid function. Also if there are red flags in your blood work, we will refer you to your primary care physician for diagnosis and treatment options. Concurrently, our team will develop a plan to help support optimal thyroid function from a nutritional perspective.

Often, lab tests may not reveal thyroid disease but you may still be experiencing symptoms. In this case we will implement a plan that ensures a healthy functioning thyroid, a healthy digestive tract, proper serotonin and dopamine production, adequate sleep, healthy adrenals, stress reduction, exercise, healthy nutrition including vitamins and minerals, as well as adequate levels of vitamin D. Thyroid support will be in the form of supplements and detailed nutritional recommendations that are designed to work in partnership with recommendations provided by your M.D.